12 new skills in 12 months

People have usually one New Year's resolution. Comme ne je ne fais jamais rien comme tout le monde - I will have 12! One a month. 

I decided to have a mix of skills, physical and intellectual as varied as sewing and neurobiology.

The list has been changing from one month to the other, this is the final one:
January  - Better health
February - Sewing and dress making
March - Dancing - replaced by Learning to be ZEN
April -Accordéon - replaced by Cooking
May - Planting fruits and vegetables - replaced by Spanish
June -Spanish - replaced by Neuroscience
July - Computer - replaced by Dancing!
August - Drawing and Painting
September - Photo
October - Plumbing replaced by Computer
November - Neurobiology
December - Cooking

Early childhood and martial arts did not make the cut for a whole month, but will be done throughout the year. 2011 is going to be busy.