Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Let's start - My life as a polymath D-10


A polymath is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas. In less formal terms, a polymath (or polymathic person) may simply be someone who is very knowledgeable. Most ancient scientists were polymaths by today's standards

I have been reading about bettering yourself for one year.

I am sure you read or heard about the happiness project, the 4 hourweek work or One week job where everyday people share with us their take on measuring happiness one day at a time, working 4 hours a week only or finding your dream job through changing it once a week.

All of these projects are exciting but my goal for 2011 is to master (or improve) 12 skills in 12 months.

After reviewing them in waiting rooms, train stations and airports, discussing around a glass of wine with friends, and writing the list down many times on paper table cloth is cafés, - THIS is IT: the 12 skills in 12 months list - MY 12 skills list - so I one year I should be able to master 12 more skills - what an exciting year ahead!